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Big Brother is Watching You.


Big brother is watching you.

Big brother is watching the “funny” text message and email that you sent about being drunk.  Big brother is watching the “cool” Facebook post that you just published about your wild party.  Big brother is watching the video being recorded that documents your intoxication and disorderly conduct. Big brother is watching any illegal activity taking place.  Soon you will discover that Big brother is jealously watching you and every move that you make like the burning eye of Sauron.

Do you have a child and your relationship is on “the rocks?”  Big brother is watching you. Is your marriage falling apart at the seams?  Big brother is watching you. Every text and email that you send is being saved.  Every aggressive move that you make is being documented.  Your actions and statements could float back to haunt you more than the ghost of La Llorona crying in the crisp, fall night.

Big brother is calculating the perfect time to unleash the evidence being collected.  Everything that you say or do can be used as testimony and/or exhibits being introduced against you in court.  The pictures, texts, emails, and videos of your intoxication could be labeled “Exhibit 1” and proffered as evidence in a forthcoming hearing to demonstrate your instability.  This instability could in turn affect the Judge’s decision regarding the best interests of your child in relation to custody and timesharing.

The rude and insulting text message that you are about to send could be used as the basis for a Petition for Order of Protection, to demonstrate harassment under the Family Violence Protection Act.  This Petition, which is routinely granted, could result in a Temporary Order of Protection being entered, forcing you out of your home until a hearing is held to determine if an act of abuse occurred. If granted, the Order of Protection could strip away constitutional rights, such as the right to own or possess a firearm while the order is effective.

Before you hit send or engage in questionable behavior – remember these words – Big brother is watching you.