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The Power of Patience in Custody Disputes.

Take a look to your left.  Now take a look to your right.  I’m guessing that somewhere in your immediate environment there’s a friendly reminder about the power of patience.  Possibly you have an inspirational poster on your wall with a kitten dangling from a clothesline with a furry reminder to . . . Kittens…

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You probably need a valid Will more than you think.

  A recent business article claims that everyone in America should have a valid Will before reaching the age of 40.  Although my picture to your right is similar to Dorian Gray in the respect that it never ages – we all do.  So let’s talk about why it’s important to have a valid Last…

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Big Brother is Watching You.

  Big brother is watching you. Big brother is watching the “funny” text message and email that you sent about being drunk.  Big brother is watching the “cool” Facebook post that you just published about your wild party.  Big brother is watching the video being recorded that documents your intoxication and disorderly conduct. Big brother…

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Courtroom First Impressions.

Today I took a trip down memory lane when thoughts of the television show – Seinfeld – cruised into my mind’s eye.  Depending on your age, you may recall the classic Seinfeld episode where Elaine becomes convinced that the hospital is refusing to treat her medical condition because she has gained the reputation of being…

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Do I even need a lawyer?

To retain or not to retain – that is our question. I know what you’re thinking right now: “Why in the world would I ask a lawyer if I need a lawyer?  Of course the lawyer is going to say, YES!” Right off the bat, let me admit that asking a lawyer if one needs…

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Finding Hidden Income and Assets in Custody and Divorce cases.

Nothing sparks positive, springtime emotions like childhood memories of “Hide and Seek.” Unfortunately every yin has its yang.  On the opposite end of the feel good spectrum – nothing bangs the gong of fear and loathing like falling into a divorce or custody case against a former partner that is hiding money and/or assets, forcing one to spend…

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